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Hospital Management System(HMS) is a medical based system which focuses on the medical administration needs. Hospital management system can be a web based or computer based application by which the whole functioning of a hospital can be managed. This system can manage the entire operation of a hospital like administration, medical history of the patients, patient details, inventory management, appointment booking, bed management, drug management, billing, revenue management, electrical medical record and many more.

You can manage more than one branches of a hospital through this system. If a patient consults a doctor of different branches, patient’s details information can be retrieved easily. Your system can be accessible from anywhere if you use cloud based system.  

This system is essential for all the establishments related to healthcare such as nursing home, hospitals, health clinics etc. The main goal of this system is to collaborate all data regarding your patients and hospitals. So your administrative work will be easier and thus patient care will be enhanced.

Data Host IT has built Medicare software for you to make your hospital management process easier and to ensure the best patient care. Medicare software has the following features to consider for your hospital.

Feature :

  • Hundreds of automation features

  • 8 types of user accounts

  • Easiest appointment booking system

  • Private communication with doctors

  • Easiest management of hospital accommodations

  • Tracking of medicines

  • Records of blood donors

  • Records of diagnostics and reports

  • Payroll management

  • User friendly accounting

  • Patient Management

    1.  Ability to request appointment with a doctor
    2.  Keeping records of patient’s prescriptions and medications
    3.  Keeping track of patient’s payments
    4.  Over viewing all diagnostics
    5.  Managing operation reports
    6.  Private communication between doctors and patients
  • Managing Doctors

    1.  Searchable doctor’s list with full profile
    2.  Categorize doctors according to departments
  • Hospital management

    1.  Managing blood bank
    2.  Keeping records of blood donors
    3.  Allotment of beds and cabins
    4.  Keeping records of medicines
    5.  Ability to save reports
    6.  Payslip generation for hospital staffs
  • Taking care of tiresome paper works

    1.  Ability to add receptionists to take appointments
    2.  Adding pharmacists to take care of medicines
    3.  Adding nurses to look after patients’ information
    4. Automated generation of diagnostic report
    5.  Automated generation of prescriptions
    6.  Easiest billing system
  • Creating your own website with your contents

    1.  Ability to set emergency contacts, opening/closing hours
    2.  Managing the services you provide
    3.  Ability for patients to request appointments from website
    4.  Simple convenient blog
    5.  Exposing your hospital to the world

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