Pharmacy Management Software


The pharmacy management system which is also known as pharmacy information system can be defined as a system which stores data and executes the functionality of medication within a pharmacy.

A pharmacy management system is being used for many purposes like dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. This dispensing process will make sure the pharmacist to prompt the medication process  for the correct patient, the right quantity and dosage of the drugs and displaying the correct information on the prescription level.

Data Host IT has brought iPharma software for the pharmacy business owners in Bangladesh. This software will handle all of your pharmacy activities such as your pharmacy account management, creating invoice, user and data analysis, store management, stock management, purchase history, income history, POS and many more.


  • Customer management module

  • Supply and purchase module

  • One click installation

  • Inventory module

  • Easy invoicing system

  • Financial module

  • Product management module

  • Fresh and clean code

  • Sales, profit and expense report based on daily, monthly and yearly.

  • Due payment management

  • Choosing your currency from different currencies

  • Medicine, drugs, customers, employees, clients, supplier and user management

  • POS(Point of Sale) management

  • Customized search bar to search medicines, customers, users by it’s first letter

  • Sales graph

  • Printing invoices

  • Generating reports by date range and many more.

Are you annoyed with a huge load of papers for your school management? Or your customers are tired of your handwritten invoice? Nevertheless, you have a wish to digitize your dreams to get digital? For all those solutions, is by your side to ease your life, business and organizations with its countrywide reputation of the “Best Software Development Company” in Bangladesh.

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