Web design and development can be considered with the general framework for developing any application development project. So a complete lifecycle is associated with the web based project. The lifecycle can be accomplished within 8 steps.The steps are described below 

  1. Primary Advice: 

Initial meeting will be held to discuss about the whole professional needs. The professional needs include essential distributing schedule, overall efficiency, project cost etc. The developers will take all the requirements to start the project.  

  1. Project Specifications: 

The professional requirements will be established between the customer and the web development team so that a high level of specifications will be documented. Here the development team will focus on the business rules and outputs. The implementation planning of the requirements will be set in this step. When both parties will agree, the next step will happen.     

  1. Architecture of The Website: 

In this step there are many things involved. Language type for developing your project, operating system, database management, hardware are included in this step. Significant increase in data volume, web traffic, visitor numbers and functionality will be considered in this step. 

  1. Website Design Cycle: 

The web designers and the project are the main considering terms of this step. Screen prototypes, clients and software developers are also connected in the system. Here a complete blueprint will be established to design your website.  

  1. Content Development: 

Any necessary text and graphical content for the website will be planned in this step. The content will be developed in SEO friendly way so that it would be easier for the digital marketers to rank the website in the search engines. 

  1. Project Development: 

Parts of web development can be serial or parallel. It depends on various activities like web design, the source code, dead line and project dependencies. This step will be overlapped with the next step of the whole cycle. Because the developers will complete all the modules in this step. In addition, you have to assess the quality of the codes in this stage. 

  1. Testing and Quality Assurance:

In this step, different types of tests will be executed. Data volume testing is much popular among them. You have to test all the components of the application from different views. User approval test, sign-in all the way from multiple cross browsers, overall security checking are mandatory in this step. 

  1. Launching The Website: 

After completing all the above steps properly, it’s high time to launch the website live. The website is deployed in the production environment right now. So customer support agreement will be established here.  

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