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CRM software

CRM software


CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a type of software which will help you to manage your business in different ways by the following process:

  Customer interaction
  Customer data
  Access into business information
  Track leads
  Customer support
  Clients and contacts
  Partner relationship
  Knowledge and training
  Assets of resources
CRM software is vastly used in big enterprises. Since this software is making your business process easier, many small business owners have started to use this software.
CRM software is designed to gain the maximum goal of customer relationship management. Today’s CRM software is highly customizable to get effective customer insights. These insights will be managed through a backend analytical engine.
CRM software can be installed on-premises or web based(cloud application) where CRM software provider will host your software. Nowadays the popularity of web based application is increasing drastically.
Data Host IT has built ProMax CRM software for your business organisations. ProMax CRM software is the best fit for both small and big business institutes. ProMax CRM will make you more professional to your customers as well as will help you to improve your business performance.


  • Managing and building invoice for the projects with the powerful Project Management Features.

  • Linking tasks to many Ultimate CRM features and staying organized.  

  • Building professional, great looking estimates and invoices.  

  • Importing tickets automatically for powerful support system.  

  • Tracking time spent on tasks and billing your customers. Ability to assign multiple tasks for staff members and tracking time for each assigned task.

  • Keeping track of leads in one place and following their progress easily. You will be able to import leads automatically from email. You can add notes and can create proposals. Besides, you can organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.

  • Creating good looking proposals for leads or customers and increasing sales.

  • Recording your company/project expenses and having ability to bill your customers and creating invoice automatically.

  • Knowing more about your customers with powerful CRM.

  • Increasing customer retention via built-in surveys.

  • Using the goal tracking features to keep sales goal in mind.

  • Creating announcements for your staff, members and customers.

  • Using Contracts feature to lock the current and future sales.

  • Extra information can be stored in custom fields for customers, leads and more.

  • Tons of configurable options.

  • Designing your CRM with your company’s brand and styling with powerful theme features.

  • Separated media folder for non-admin staff members to work inside the CRM and organising their uploads and files.

  • Great looking calendar for each staff member based on access permission.

  • Following ups, reports, notes,files and many other features.

Are you annoyed with a huge load of papers for your school management? Or your customers are tired of your handwritten invoice? Nevertheless, you have a wish to digitize your dreams to get digital? For all those solutions, is by your side to ease your life, business and organizations with its countrywide reputation of the “Best Software Development Company” in Bangladesh.

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Ask For Question?

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?2019-05-12T09:25:42+00:00

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software assists the companies by managing tracking communications, customer database and forecasting sales. Both big and small business organisations use CRM software to develop and maintain relationship with potential and current customers. CRM software usually includes email marketing, campaign management and interaction tracking.

What are the benefits of your Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software?  2019-05-12T09:26:19+00:00

Your customer service, relationships and interactions will be improved by using CRM software. Everyday’s tasks will be automated as well as communication and collaboration among teams will be developed. Revenue and retention can also be increased by CRM software.

Who should buy CRM software?2019-05-12T09:33:29+00:00

Customer retention and satisfaction are main focus of CRM software. All types of industries from finance and hospitality to consulting and manufacturing can use CRM software.

What are the most common features of your CRM software?2019-05-12T09:40:04+00:00

According to our research, the most common features of CRM software are customer support, contact management, email marketing, lead management, interaction tracking and marketing automation.

Can I use a demo version of your CRM software before purchasing?2019-05-12T09:40:40+00:00

Yes, demo of CRM software is available in our website. You can test all the features here so that it would be easier for you to take your purchasing decision.

Will you develop your CRM software with our custom requirements?2019-05-12T09:41:14+00:00

Yes, the whole CRM software will be developed with your custom requirements. Our requirement analysis team will discuss with you regarding your end user’s requirement, the features you really need, your customer servicing policy, account maintenance and adopting the cultural change.

How can CRM software develop customer retention?2019-05-12T09:41:46+00:00

CRM software always helps you to

  • Concentrate on your efforts
  • Target customers with special offers
  • Spot and fix problems sooner
  • Maintain and perfect the human element
  • Be reliable and responsive
Who can control the access of data in the software?2019-05-12T09:47:03+00:00

Different users will have different types of access here. Super admin will get all types of access. But other members will get limited access according to the demand.  

Is your CRM Software secure and reliable?2019-05-12T09:47:39+00:00

Your data will be always safe. Various types of strategies will be applied to make your database secure. Backups of your database will be taken daily. We commit to 99.9% of server uptime.

Can your CRM software be integrated with other software?  2019-05-12T09:48:05+00:00

Yes, our CRM software is ready to integrate with any other software.

What are the technologies used in your CRM software?2019-05-12T09:48:35+00:00

A software has frontend(user interface) and backend. Frontend is always designed user friendly. This part has been designed with HTML5 and CSS3.

Backend has been developed with the most popular php framework Laravel and Codeigniter as well as raw php and javascript.

Will you provide training?  2019-05-12T09:49:09+00:00

Yes, we’ll provide training after delivering your project. Our training period depends on your requirements and our team will provide you training at your premises.

Will I get after sales support?2019-05-13T04:48:13+00:00

Our after sales support will be started just after delivering your project within the deadline. Our support team is always ready to support you with dedication. We are providing 3 types of support

  1. Phone calling:
    Our customer support representatives will support you via direct phone call.
  2. Screen sharing:
    Our customer support representatives will fix your problems through screen sharing.
  3. On premise support:
    Our customer support representatives will go to your organization and will fix your software problems.