Ecommerce Website Single Srore & MultiVendor

Ecommerce Website Single Srore & MultiVendor

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DataHost Bd Provides Customizable and Readymade E-Commerce website for your business

Our easy-to-use all-purpose e-commerce Websites or stores allow your businesses to trade on digital platforms like the internet and mobile devices, just like in a store. The main difference between e-commerce and real-world commerce is that e-commerce transactions don’t happen in person at a store. An eCommerce website is needed if you want to buy or sell tangible goods, digital goods, or services on the website.

Advantages & Benefits of Ecommerce on Your Business

Our developed e-commerce websites are the digital version of your online business.

  • It saves time because you don’t have to find a store or hire people to sell your products.
  • Has option for instant and direct communications with your customers
  • Let you sell your products all over the world.
  • Having an e-commerce website makes your products accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • You have to do more than just wait for customers and hope they will come to the site.

However, you need to make sure that your website is good for mobile devices, has a good design, and is easy for people to use.

Specifications of our E-Commerce store

DataHost Bd provides e-commerce websites in two categories Your website must present a professional and attractive appearance. Your visitors must feel comfortable and secure, and your website must function properly before they will purchase your products or services. The transaction should be very much secured. The development platform will be in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & Ajax, etc. The system will be SSL integrated with unlimited categories, and items listing with an easy manageable full-featured control panel.

  1. E-Commerce Store
  2. E-Commerce Market Place (Multi-Vendor)

Core Features of our e-Commerce solutions

Features & Functionalities

Administrative Dashboard with the Summery of

  • Total published products
  • Total sellers products
  • Total admin products
  • Total Order
  • Total product category
  • Total product sub-sub-category
  • Total product sub-category
  • Total product brand
  • Total sellers
  • Total approved sellers
  • Total pending sellers
  • Category-wise product sale
  • Category-wise product stock

Option for POS System Integration

  • POS Manager
  • POS Configuration

Products Manager Roles

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Category
  • Sub Category
  • Sub Sub-Category
  • In-house Products
  • Seller Products
  • Classified Products
  • Digital Products
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Export

Features on Product Reviews

  • Flash Deal
  • In-house Orders
  • Pick-up Point
  • Total Sales
  • Refund Requests
  • Approved Refund
  • Refund Configuration

Sellers/Vendor's Capabilities

  • Seller List
  • Seller Withdraw Requests
  • Shop Default Slider
  • Seller Payments
  • Seller Commission
  • Seller Verification Form


  • Customer List
  • Classified Packages
  • Conversations


Reporting Features

  • Stock Report
  • In House Sale Report
  • Seller Report
  • Seller-Based Selling Report
  • Product Wish Report

Messaging Features

  • Newsletters
  • SMS integration

Option on Store Settings

  • Feature Activation
  • Payment Method
  • SMTP Settings
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Chat & Pixel
  • Social Media Login
  • Currency
  • Languages

External Store Settings

  • Feature Activation
  • Payment Method
  • SMTP Settings
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Chat & Pixel
  • Social Media Login
  • Currency
  • Languages

Frontend Settings

  • Home Settings
  • Seller Policy
  • Return Policy
  • Support Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Custom Pages
  • Useful Link         
  • General Settings
  • Logo Settings
  • Color Settings

E-Commerce Settings

  • Attribute
  • Coupon
  • Pickup Point
  • Shipping Configuration
  • Shipping Countries

Affiliate System Configurations

  • Affiliate Configurations
  • Affiliate Options
  • Affiliate Users
  • Referral Users

Offline Payment System

  • Manual Payment Method
  • Offline Wallet Recharge

Club Point System

  • Club Point Configurations
  • Set Product Point
  • User Points

OTP System

  • OTP Configurations
  • Set OTP Credentials
  • Support Ticket
  • SEO Setting

Manage Staff & Access Permissions

  • All Staffs
  • Staff Permissions

DataHostBd eCommerce websites are cost-effective and User Friendly to Use

When making a website for an eCommerce business, cost consideration and design issues are very important. Our e-commerce website uses the right colors and words to make potential buyers to buy from your site. DataHost E-commerce websites are easy to use, make people want to buy from you, and show off your shop in the best way possible. Our eCommerce solution is cost-effective for your online business. We price our solution competitive to the market as you can afford it and make a profit by using our solutions.

Why DataHost Bd is the best choice for your e-commerce solutions

Selecting the right e-commerce platform is just as important as the quality of the product being sold. Our e-commerce site will display your products on your e-commerce site and effectively demonstrate the benefits to potential customers.  

Integrating with our e-commerce solution, you can offer innovative business ideas and an easy solution to your desired online business. It’s our responsibility to organize your digital storefront so you can better focus on your energy and resources to scale your business and profit. You will take our solutions for the following reasons:

  1. Simplified Store Maintenance
  2. Greater Flexibility to configure your digital storefront
  3. Flexible payment options
  4. Advanced security on sales items
  5. Easy Product Upload
  6. Integrated payment options



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