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Data Host IT is the most popular eCommerce website development company in Bangladesh. Designing an eCommerce website is a little different from the other types of websites. As visitors will come to your website to buy products, our developers will do everything to make this process easier and user friendly. Our 5 main basic features are following

  • Responsive design: Your ecommerce website will be designed such a way that your website will be mobile, tab and other device friendly.
  • Support guest checkouts: Our developers will help you to collect the details of a customer by opening an account before buying anything from  your store.
  • Search functionality is available and easy to use: Around 30% customers search their desired products in the search bar. Our developers will build a user friendly search bar for your store.
  • Website’s security will be ensured: SSL will be installed in your website to encrypt the customers’ information of your store. Besides your customers’ card information will not be saved in your database. Because it’s risky. Rather our developers will create a file for keeping customers’ card information and to make the purchase procedure easier.
  • Optimizing site performance: Long loading time is a disgusting matter for the visitors. Our developers will reduce your website loading time by combining javascript or css resources files into single files, compressing images and caching.


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Are you annoyed with a huge load of papers for your school management? Or your customers are tired of your handwritten invoice? Nevertheless, you have a wish to digitize your dreams to get digital? For all those solutions, is by your side to ease your life, business and organizations with its countrywide reputation of the “Best Software Development Company” in Bangladesh.

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