School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management Software


Nowadays school management system has become popular for the educational institutes in Bangladesh.The first important advantage of a school management system is to keep the student related data in the fruitful way. Besides, school management software includes other features like fees paid by students, transport facility provided by school, examination records of the students, usage of libraries and many more. As an admin assigned by school administration, you can access the database and more. Afterwards, students can also access the system to know their examination marks as well as important notices without having editing access.
Your admin people need not enter the data of the students and others into excel sheet for long hours. The data will be well organised automatically by the system and will be accessible easily. You can access the database easily within few seconds and the overall system will be so much user friendly. Data Host IT has brought Aim software to make your school management process easier. Aim software has the following features to consider for your school.


  • Admin can manage the full software.

  • Adding dynamic class, section and group.

  • Admin can select student capacity in a class and section.

  • Admin can view, edit and delete the information of class, section and group.

  • Adding new student in this software as student admission.

  • Admin can view the details of students and parents information.

  • Admin can edit and delete the information of student.

  • Admin can view the full school attendance percentage of the students.

  • Student’s attendance percentage are two types

    1. Daily or running attendance percentage
    2. Total or yearly attendance percentage.
  • Admin can manage the full software.

  • Adding class routine for individual class.

  • Adding new teacher in the system.

  • Admin can edit or delete any teacher’s information.

  • Adding dynamic subjects for each class.

  • Admin can delete students from any class and can edit the information of class subject.

  • Admin can declare notice for all users in this software.

  • Admin can declare different notices for different users.

  • Admin can make and delete profiles for the parents through this software.

  • Adding grade with point for each student.

  • Adding exam and exam routines for different classes.

  • Admin can view all examination routines by class title and exam title.

  • Admin can edit and delete exam as well as examination routine.

  • Admin can view the result of the examines.

  • Admin can check result sheets and can accept result sheets which are sent from teachers.

  • Admin can complete the full result of a class and can publish the result as well.

  • Admin can view any student’s mark sheet.

  • Adding new transport, route and vehicles for your school’s students, teachers and employees.

Are you annoyed with a huge load of papers for your school management? Or your customers are tired of your handwritten invoice? Nevertheless, you have a wish to digitize your dreams to get digital? For all those solutions, is by your side to ease your life, business and organizations with its countrywide reputation of the “Best Software Development Company” in Bangladesh.
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What are the benefits of School Management Software?2019-05-13T09:33:57+00:00

Your admin people need not enter the data of the students and others into excel sheet for long hours. The data will be well organised automatically by the system and will be accessible easily. You can access the database easily within few seconds and the overall system will be so much user friendly.

Who should buy School Management Software?2019-05-13T09:34:34+00:00

Paperless school administration is the main focus of school management software. All types of educational institutes like schools and colleges can use our software to organise your data in the efficient way.

What are the most common features of your School Management Software?2019-05-13T09:35:46+00:00

According to our research, the most common features of school management software are student management, academic management, inventory management, fee management, library management, reports management, notifications and alerts, timetable management, hostel management, attendance management and online examination.

Can I use a demo version of your School Management Software before purchasing?  2019-05-13T09:35:54+00:00

Yes, demo of school management software is available in our website. You can test all the features here so that it would be easier for you to take your purchasing decision.

Will you develop your school management software with our custom requirements?2019-05-13T09:36:21+00:00

Yes, the whole school management software will be developed with your custom requirements. Our requirement analysis team will discuss with you regarding your end user’s requirement, the features you really need, account maintenance and adopting the cultural change.

Is your school management software web based?  2019-05-13T09:37:28+00:00

Yes, our school management software is web based. So you and your members can use this software from anywhere and anytime.

Who can control the access of data in the software?2019-05-13T09:38:25+00:00

Different users will have different types of access here. Super admin will get all types of access. But other members like teachers and students will get limited access according to the demand.

Is your school management software secure and reliable?2019-05-13T09:39:01+00:00

Your data will be always safe. Various types of strategies will be applied to make your database secure. Backups of your database will be taken daily. We commit to 99.9% of server uptime.

Can your school management software be integrated with other software?  2019-05-13T09:41:53+00:00

Yes, our school management software is ready to integrate with any other software.

What are the technologies used in your school management software?  2019-05-13T09:48:29+00:00

A software has frontend(user interface) and backend. Frontend is always designed user friendly. This part has been designed with HTML5 and CSS3.

Backend has been developed with the most popular php framework Laravel and Codeigniter as well as raw php and javascript.

Will you provide training?  2019-05-13T09:45:16+00:00

Yes, we’ll provide training after delivering your project. Our training period depends on your requirements and our team will provide you training at your premises.

Will I get after sales support?2019-05-13T09:48:22+00:00

Our after sales support will be started just after delivering your project within the deadline. Our support team is always ready to support you with dedicate. We are providing 3 types of support

  1. Phone calling:
    Our customer support representatives will support you via direct phone call.
  1. Screen sharing:
    Our customer support representatives will fix your problems through screen sharing.
  1. On premise support:
    Our customer support representatives will go to your organization and will fix your software problems.
What is School Management Software?2019-05-12T10:02:45+00:00

A school management software is developed to make the whole school administration paperless. This software has different types of modules to manage academic history of students and records which will help the staff and teachers to work in a time saving way. You’ll get many features and modules in one place to process your data in a significant way.