Choosing a software development company can be compared with your hiring an architect to build your house. You should check the contractor minimum 3 times before hiring since you have to work with them for the next few months or sometimes even years to build your house with full satisfactory.   

Similarly, you must have to follow a bulletproof checklist before choosing a software development company for your business organisations. Because, unless you work efficiently with them, you won’t get your potential output.    

In this article, you’ll get a pattern and a set of questions to evaluate a software development company for developing your software. 

Try To Avoid The Cheapest Service Provider 

If you buy cheap products, those products will not be longer lasting. Similar thing will happen in service providing field. Many software developer companies will try to influence you with their cheap service charge. But you should not be influenced by them. Because 

  1. Technological debt: The code will be written poorly. Lack of tests, lack of documentation and difficult to work with the overall system are the main problems of cheap service providers. 
  2. Ownership of the source code: You won’t own the source code. You will only get the files of source code. The company will tell you to license your product though you’ll pay for the whole development. 
  3. Communication gap: Poor english level, lack of experience and lack of transparency and overall communication gap will happen with the cheap service providers.  

Try To Use The Word “No” 

Try to avoid the word “yes”. You have to say “No” where you need. Never take the imposed decisions or choices of others. 

For example, 

“No, we don’t work in RoR or Python or C# – we prefer JavaScript.” 

“No, you shouldn’t make this feature first – it’s a waste of money and your precious time.”

“No, you should consider different tools to make easier the system” 

Frequent Deployment 

You should choose the company who are eager to deliver your work asap. Each module should be completed with a demo. The developers will have weekly tasks to develop a module. So the developers will stay under pressure. 

Besides, You have to provide specification/mockups/information as a client for the next week. Weekly demos are so much effective to get the updates from the developers and have a huge impact on the development. 

Choose The Company Who Understands Your Business 

You have to choose that company who has already developed such type of software for other organisations similar to your business. So the software developers can perceive your exact need efficiently. They can also recommend the best features beyond your requirements. Besides, they will be able to deliver your whole project before the deadline comfortably. 


You should not feel the language barrier as English is the primary official language in most of the countries. You have to consider your software developer as your partner. Because they will not only write code but also will give you advice. 

Problem solvers having great language skills are always in demand. Your 30% to 40% success depends on your proper system development. So always consider the software development company as your partner not simply just a coder. 

Hacker Rank published a report based on the top countries which have the best developers. 

Which Country Has the Best Developers

Flexibility vs. Inflexibility

If you don’t have specified work plan or project plan based on proper documentation, you should not go for fixed price. Because, you can’t finish your whole project within that price. 

When you’ll have strong project plan, you can go for the fixed price. Because, you know that your requirements are fixed and your project expenditure will not increase in future. 

General Questions 

  1. For how long have you been in software business? 
  2. What is your technical expertise and professionalism? 
  3. Have you completed similar projects? Can you show us your portfolio? 
  4. Can you provide us some of your client references?
  5. Do you follow any type of industry standard process? If yes, brief us the whole process step by step. 
  6. While working on a project, how do you handle the change requests of the requirements from your client? 
  7. How do you provide support & maintenance services after sale? 

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