Having a personal blog or website is so much general nowadays. There are many reasons to build a website or blog both for individuals and organisations. Websites or blogs are usually used for organisational branding, using web applications for various purposes, affiliate marketing and many more things which cannot be described in a short period of time.

If you aren’t a technical person, many terms of this article may seem like a foreign language. This article is as simple as possible for the visitors of all categories so that they can develop their knowledge about choosing the best web hosting service provider.

From this article, you will be able to know regarding the importance of good hosting, the difference among different types of hosting, pros and cons of the hosting companies.

The Importance of Good Web Hosting

When you talk about the foundation of your whole business, hosting will be the first priority. Because your organisational website is hosted there. Your identity, branding, good will, digital marketing and many more things are associated with your website.

Your whole business goes down if your hosting goes down. If your hosting becomes slow, the loading time of your website will increase. So your visitors will be annoyed. If your hosting doesn’t have the required features, you’ll suffer from frustration.  

Considering all of these reasons, you have to choose the best hosting service for your organisation. Choosing the best web hosting is not time consuming. You just go through this article and will be able to know the details.

What Will Make Your Hosting Service Best

There are many factors to choose the best hosting service. The most common factors have been described below

  • Security: Website security is always the first priority. Because you never want that your website will be hacked by the hackers. Besides you might have data of your customers in your database. So you must ensure the security of the data of your clients.
  • SSL Certificate: When you are going to provide your personal information or credit card information in a website, you must ensure first the website is SSL certified. SSL certificate helps to encrypt your data. The domain name will must start with https:// for SSL certified websites.
  • Cost: A shared hosting service is always cheap. If you consider about virtual private server(VPS) or dedicated server, your cost will be increased.  
  • Backups: Your hosting service provider must have the regular basis backup facility.
  • Customer Service: When you are maintaining a hosting, you have to face different types of difficulties. So strong customer support is the first demand to overcome these difficulties. You must choose those hosting service providers which have a strong customer support team. The customer support representatives must be dedicated enough to solve your problems.
  • Email: Your hosting service provider must have the facility to provide you the professional email addresses.
  • Reliability: You’ll never want that your website is down. So you must choose the most reliable hosting service provider which will ensure the minimum downtime and 99.9% uptime.  

Never Go For Free Hosting

You can go for free hosting if you don’t need any type of update in your content management. There are many free web hosting service providers in market like weebly, wordpress, wix and many more.

You may have tons of information in your website or blog. But for free hosting, you won’t get any update in your platform. Besides, if one of your contents goes against the policy of service provider, your whole website will be deleted.

So if you think professionally, you must have to choose the paid hosting. Free web hosting will never be able to fulfill your all requirements.

Different Types Of Web Hosting

There are different types of hosting services available in market. But the most popular hosting types are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. If you see the following image, your concepts will be clear.

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